phone pouch

We are Professional manufacturer of mobile phone pouch selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces.

There are many kinds of mobile phone bags on the market. How can we make our mobile phone bags different?

First of all, from the material, mobile phone pouch have leather, flannel, nylon, cotton and so on. Secondly, the style can be distinguished from the number and style of the pulling rope, the closing mode of the bag mouth and the printing of the bag surface.

As a professional Mobile phone pouch manufacturer ,our factory is mainly engaged in ultra-fine fiber flannel bags, single and double pull rope mobile phone bags, bag surface printing with silk printing, heat transfer printing, gold stamping, silver stamping, air pressure and so on. Of course, mobile phone pouch bag made of other materials can also be provided, such as leather cellphone bags, cotton mobile phone bags, zipper mobile phone bags, magic sticker mobile phone bags, button mobile phone bags, etc. In addition, mobile bag printing can print different styles of patterns, not only practical but also fashionable!

We have not only mobile phone bags for going out, walking, shopping and shopping, but also mobile phone pouch for running and other sports.

We specialize in OEM and ODM services for superfine fibers for 17 years. It can provide various customized services to meet customer's design needs, brand's agent needs, spot wholesale procurement needs, etc.

Ultrafine fibers can be used in so many fields because they are also a kind of high-quality and high-tech textile raw materials. Ultrafine fibers have very small bending stiffness, soft handle, strong cleaning function and waterproof and breathable effect because of their small diameter. Ultrafine fibers have many fine pores between microfibers, forming capillary structure. If they are processed into towel fabric, they have high water absorption. Washed hair can quickly absorb water with this towel and make hair dry quickly. It can also synthesize many fabrics and leather. Applied to luggage products, cleaning products, office and household appliances, etc.

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