little children pattern microfiber sewn mouse pad

Material:Microfiber,  Natural rubber

Process:Digital transfer printing 



Logo:Customized logo

1. Our mouse pad is mainly used natural foam rubber, small bubbles and dense, so that the mouse is flexible and elastic, thick design, the operation feel more comfortable.

2. Fine cloth, mouse operation process more smoothly, use for a long time without heating, Matt fine textured, with higher precision tracking, effectively reduce the long time using the mouse caused by hand fatigue.

3. The use of high-definition printing technology production, do not fade, vivid, fresh.

4.The bottom of the rubber material, safe non-toxic tasteless, super adhesion lines, firmly attached to the desktop, non slip solid.

5. Sewing mouse pad edge by knitting method particularly fine, can remove the redundant edges to ensure continued, mouse pad is more durable.


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