Multi-functional New Type Glasses Box


Glass boxes
can be customized to different boxes, logo patterns, printing methods, materials, etc. The common ones are iron box, flexible lens box, triangular folding glasses box, manual box, EVA glasses box, contact lens box. Both inside and outside the mirror box can print LOGO. The surface material can cover superfine fiber cloth, leather, linen, cotton cloth, etc.

Iron eyeglasses boxes covered with superfine fibre cloth are common eyeglasses boxes. The glasses box is strong, compressive and portable; the plastic-absorbing lining protects the lens from scratches; the surface of the ultra-fine fiber cloth can be added with various printing LOGO. At the same time, the microfiber cloth has a strong cleaning function. One of the new practical eyeglasses boxes introduced today is a new type of eyeglasses box that can store and carry eyeglasses boxes as well as wipe the screen.

The utility model discloses a new type of eyeglasses box, which comprises a box body and an inner and outer layer material; the box body comprises a box cover and a box body, and the box cover and a fitted body are integrated structure; the outer layer material is wrapped on the outer surface of the box cover and the box body; the inner layer material is wrapped on the inner surface of the box cover and the fitted body. The utility model increases the protective performance of the eyeglasses box, and the thick and soft leather provides sufficient safety, and is not affected by impact, scratches and dents. Make carrying glasses lighter and more fashionable.

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