Feed back to the society with true feelings, firmly move forward, forge the road of public welfare!


Road of Public welfare

Public welfare is a positive energy behavior for enterprises to give back to society and community, and it is the responsibility of a successful enterprise. Since its establishment, East Sunshine Textile has adhered to this belief. As for public welfare, Zhang Xiaodong, general manager of East Sunshine Textile in Wuxi, believes that as the leader in the industry, East Sunshine in Wuxi should be brave enough to shoulder more social responsibilities, combine its own corporate culture and social responsibility organically to achieve sustainable development.

With the rapid rise in the industry and growing strength, Wuxi East Sunshine has increased its public welfare investment. In addition to the cultural field, Wuxi East Sunshine's public welfare footsteps have also entered the field of education and other social undertakings.


Educational public welfare

Recently, it was rainy outside, but the gymnasium of Qianzhou Central Primary School was full of laughter and joy. It was the 7th school development board and the appointment ceremony of the new school board held here.


The grand occasion of the school board

The development of the school can not be separated from the strong support of all sectors of society, so the invited participants are Xu Lifeng, Director of Education Bureau of Huishan District, Zhang Xiaoyang, Secretary of Party and Labor Committee of Qianzhou Street, Huang Zhiqiang, Director of Qianzhou Street Office, Kuang Zhimin, Deputy Director of Qianzhou Street Party and Labor Committee, Tang Xing, Deputy Director of Qianzhou Street Office, Huang Rongde, Deputy Director of Huishan District Education Bureau, and parents'representatives. And student representatives.


Engagement ceremony

At the beginning of the event, Director Huang Zhiqiang issued certificates for the new directors. Then, on behalf of all the members of the school board, Tang Xing, the managing vice chairman, warmly welcomed all the guests present and thanked all the former teachers and staff for their hard work and achievements in the past year. He hoped that in the new year, more school directors, alumni and members of the community would participate. And to help students, scholarship, prize and teach and social charity action, reflect the positive energy of society.


Theatrical performances

In the boiling music and warm applause, we ended the school board meeting. The successful hosting of this event is of great significance. It drew a successful conclusion for 2018. In 2019, East Sunshine in Wuxi continued to follow the humanistic spirit of people-oriented, adhering to the tradition of public welfare and the concept of never forgetting the first intention, continuously giving back to the society and actively practicing corporate social responsibility.      

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